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  • Collision Claims
  • PIP Claims
  • Med-Pay Claims
  • Uninsured Motorist Collections - License Suspensions
  • Property Claims - Fire - Water - Vandalism - Equipment Failure

What the Venture team does to help increase recoveries

Step 1:    A full claim review.  Often the most crucial step in knowing all files that are within the statute of limitations have been capitalized on 100%. Our expert team of claims auditors will review all claims that were paid and closed so that your company can rest assured not a cent was lost on any hidden subrogation potential.  We do the leg work to ensure there is no untapped recovery potential. In some cases this step is overlooked, mainly for lack of time which can result in up to six figure losses for an insurance company, sometimes more.  

Step 2:    The recovery process. Once the claim review is complete, the Venture team quickly goes to work with our rigorous recovery efforts, making sure no stone has gone unturned. Since all steps are recorded, it is not difficult for the client too see what strategies were exercised in the recovery process which can be a beneficial tool for future claims handling.

Step 3:   The formation of a long and prosperous relationship. Working together with the client as a team, analyzing the clients current claims process, listening to the clients needs and implementing those needs is the foundation for future success. Helping to build on the success of the client, sharing ideas and techniques on a consistent basis can produce outstanding results. Whether it be older closed claims, arbitration filings, monitoring med pay claims or handling new claims from the very start, utilizing Venture Subrogation will save your company overhead costs by freeing up time so your staff can focus on some larger tasks at hand.